Our People

Our Director group is led by founding Director Neil Sanders, and capably supported by the diverse, combined talents of fellow Directors Ross Weir, Jolanta Pietka and Lloyd Jackson.

This enthusiastic and dedicated group oversees all facets of our core Architectural practice and of our integrated professional Town Planning, Project Management and Interior Design disciplines. The group, sensitively and passionately, directs and supervises the activities and outcomes of our like-minded and skilled professional, technical and support personnel.

Our operational business model promotes close interaction between our personnel at all levels and between all various group activities. We enjoy a relaxed but appropriately focused, self-motivated and progressive work environment.

Since establishment of the Practice, this office characteristic has ensured consistently enduring, long term Staff retention, with obvious benefits for project familiarity and uninterrupted service continuity throughout extensive individual project time frames.


Founding Director – Vision, Policy and Outcome

Neil is a respected, long standing member of the Brisbane Architectural community. He established N.G. Sanders & Associates in 1980 and has been responsible for delivery of many outstanding Aged Care and Retirement Living complexes and a diverse range of high quality Residential, Commercial and Community developments throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Neil’s elevation in 1981 to Fellow status of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, and in 1992 to Fellow status of the Planning Institute of Australia attest to peer recognition of his expertise and experience as a Practicing Architect, acknowledged for his capabilities in building design and in broader scale Community Planning and Development.

During his career he has held various committee positions with both of those professional Associations, including: President of the Planning Institute of Australia (Qld Division) and Vice President of the Planning Institute of Australia (Federal).

Neil has also served as a member of the Architectural sub-committee of Leading Age Services Australia, Queensland.

Neil provides leadership and direction for the various aspects of our professional activities. He is an outstanding mentor and is responsible for the ongoing development of our Team.

Neil maintains intrinsic involvement in all phases of our project services. Neil is focused on close Client liaison and passionate about ensuring the delivery of exceptional outcomes, expedited to meet required project deadlines


Director – Project Management and Delivery

Ross was awarded the prestigious Board of Architect’s (QLD) Prize for Proficiency and graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree with Honours.

Ross became part of N.G. Sanders & Associates team in November 2000. In his executive, Project Management and Delivery role, Ross enthusiastically ensures that our projects transition from conceptualisation to completion and hand-over in a timely manner, and that each step in the process in completed in accordance with best Practice principles.

Ross effectively and efficiently directs Consultancy briefing and co-ordination functions, Documentation and Project Management services. Attention to detail and succinct communication skills are hall-marks of his all-encompassing documentation review procedures.

At hands-on level as a Senior Architect, Ross possesses a flawless work ethic, innate intellectual capacity, and a wholehearted willingness to assist his colleagues in successful and expedient resolution of complex technical issues.

Our firm’s acknowledged reputation for quality project outcomes is significantly related to the dedication and passion which Ross perpetually displays and the on-going guidance he conveys to our team members.


Director – Interior Design and Lifestyle

Jolanta graduated from the University of Silesia Glivice, Poland with a Master of Architecture Degree. Jolanta came to Australia shortly thereafter and familiarised herself with local Australian culture, social influences, climate and Architectural practice methodologies prior to joining N.G. Sanders & Associates in 1994.

Jolanta possesses a high degree of natural artistic talent, gifted design skills and a sensitive appreciation of the appropriate manipulation of the inter-dependent elements of form and function, solid and void, light and shade, colour and texture. Those attributes are complemented by her intimate understanding of care management environments, human frailty, and of the practical factors of material quality and fitness for purpose.

Jolanta’s considerable design experience and exceptional contributions to the built spatial environments of our projects, particularly in the realm of Interior Design have been widely acclaimed.

In her Interior Design and Lifestyle role, Jola ensures that design outcomes are configured and embellished to transform the essentialities of planned efficiency and technical awareness into comfortable and enticing people places which enhance the quality of human lifestyle and well-being.


Quality Control, Documentation Management

Lloyd Jackson joined N.G. Sanders and Associates in 1986 and has been a dedicated and acknowledged cornerstone of the practice since arrival.

Lloyd maintains currency of infinite personal product knowledge and technical expertise. His vast professional experience encompasses all facets of Architectural Practice and includes extensive involvement in the broad range of major projects in our Portfolio.

Lloyd’s specific and resolute involvement with Aged Care and Retirement Living Projects has achieved widespread recognition and industry respect. His intimate knowledge of Residential Care environments, his dedication in the pursuit of excellence and his unrelenting enthusiasm to share his knowledge with others, influenced his partipation as member of the Architectural Sub Committee of Leading Age Services Australia, Queensland.

Those personal qualities have also inspired his perpetual mentoring of his colleagues at N.G. Sanders & Associates.

Lloyd’s primary Practice focus is the timely delivery of high quality project documentation which ensures consistent inclusion of fit for purpose elements to achieve Client goals and exceptional design outcomes.